Apartment Lease Up Experts achieved 100% occupancy within a little over a month of being on the property. We would highly recommend their services. Feel free to contact our offices should you have any questions or need further recommendation.

Andrew Braden, Braden Fellman Group

Braden Fellman Group

Apartment Lease-Up Experts, successfully leased up and marketed our properties. They worked closely with all potential tenants and followed up to make sure their move-in was a success. They are a professional company and their leasing team worked diligently in securing new tenants.”

Michael T. Montero – Owner-CEO

Permont Development

It's my absolute pleasure to recommend Apartment Lease-Up Experts. Their knowledge of sales etiquette and expertise in leasing leasing as well in marketing was a huge advantage to our community. Santiago's team put their skillset to work and increased our occupancy. I know that your company was a big piece of our success. It has been an absolute joy to work with you and your team.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Apartment Lease-Up Experts. As a dedicated and knowledgeable company, I know they would be beneficial to your lease-up and marketing needs.

Jackie Beguiristain - Regional Manager

Meyers Group

"We contacted Apartment Lease-Up Experts to market and lease-up our properties. They performed several lease-ups from 2013 until 2016 in the state of Florida and Georgia.They worked closely with all potential future residents and followed up to make sure their move-in was a success. In addition they worked well with the onsite management team. They are a professional company and their leasing team worked persistently in securing new residents. We were very pleased with the results and highly recommend them."

Juna Carlos Delaney- General Manager

Infinity Real Estate Investments

The most recent projects completed by Apartment Lease Up Experts for our South Florida portfolio occupancy was increased 88% to 98% in 45 days, a total of 47 rentals for the period at the Falls at Marina Bay. Occupancy percentage was increased 90% to 99% at Falls at Pembroke, with a total of 36 applications in 10 days. His company was also in charge of all marketing, unit inspections before prospects took occupancy. I strongly recommend Apartment Lease Up Experts, especially the President of the company, Santiago Illia, for his professionalism, ethics and his full dedication to any project assigned to his company.

Lilian Gil, Area Property Manager, Taplin Development

Taplin Development