APARTMENT LEASE UP EXPERTS is company that specializes in the multi-family housing industry and provide services in consulting, leasing, marketing, and training.

Our mission is to assist property owners and property management firms to quickly lower vacancy rates on their properties. 

Our goal is to bring speed and efficiency to your project. From new lease-ups, student properties, tax credit properties and apartment communities, Apartment Lease-Up Experts guarantees to get you on the quick path to full occupancy. We help your business by handling all leasing inquiry and performing product demonstrations, applying proven sales and marketing tactics that fit to your specific needs ensuring optimized results in no time. 

With more than 20 years of proven success in both professional leasing servicesand leasing training, you have nothing to lose except those empty apartments when you choose to work with Apartment Lease Up Experts. 

Whether you own an apartment community in Florida, you have new construction properties in Richmond, or you have student housing communities in Arkansas, Apartment Lease Up Experts is ready and willing to get you on the path to full occupancy! 

Don’t believe that we’re the best? Read through our testimonials and case studies to see just how great we truly are.

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Increase occupancy fast with our help.

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Have your team up and running as efficient as ever


The most recent projects completed by Apartment Lease Up Experts for our South Florida portfolio occupancy was increased 88% to 98% in 45 days, a total of 47 rentals for the period at the Falls at Marina Bay. Occupancy percentage was increased 90% to 99% at Falls at Pembroke, with a total of 36 applications in 10 days.

Taplin Development

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Apartment Lease-Up Experts. Their knowledge of sales etiquette and expertise in leasing leasing as well…

Meyers Group

“Apartment Lease-Up Experts successfully marketed and leased up our properties in Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Melbourne and Fort Myers. They worked closely…

Finka Realty

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