Apartment Lease Up Experts is recognized by customers as one of the industry’s most dedicated leasing company, delivering higher occupancy in record time.

Several multifamily owners are not aware that Leasing Experts are an option because property management firms lead them to believe they can do it all. While there are many capable property management firms, they will always struggle between balancing to keep existing residents happy and leasing to prospective new residents. And more times than not, the efforts for existing residents will consume most of the management company’s time.

In order to achieve your occupancy goals in a fast-moving manner our team of Leasing Experts will be available on-site up to 7 days a week focusing only on leasing apartments. Leases will be generated according with your specific requirements.

By seBy having one or more of our Leasing Experts at your property, the management team will be able to solely focus their efforts on resident retention & renewals while Apartment Lease Up Experts will focus our efforts exclusively on closing the deal with qualified prospects. Our proven sales training and techniques typically speed up the process at two to three times the rate of a traditional leasing consultant

Think about all of your vacant apartments.

At Apartment Lease Up Experts, leasing is our only priority – making our goals perfectly aligned with yours – and the reason you should call us today.

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Our Expertise:

  • A, B and C Properties
  • New Construction and Lease-Ups
  • Student Housing
  • Tax Credit Properties
  • Rehab Construction Lease-Up
  • Senior Housing
  • Condominium Conversion
  • Single Family Homes

We work with owner developers on single apartment condominiums to developers with over 20,000 units.


Apartment Lease Up Experts can have a dramatic impact on your NOI. Let us place a Leasing Expert on your property for 1 – 3 months to fill your vacancies and get you leased-up!

When you partner with Apartment Lease Up Experts as you embark on a lease up for a new property, is one of the smartest things you can do. Our team is not only skilled and proficient at apartment lease ups, by hiring us you’re ultimately saving precious time and money so you can focus on other logistics of opening or running your  apartment community.

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Apartment Lease Up Experts achieved 100% occupancy within a little over a month of being on the property. We would highly recommend their services. Feel free to contact our offices should you have any questions or need further recommendation. Andrew Braden, Braden Fellman Group

Braden Fellman Group

The most recent projects completed by Apartment Lease Up Experts for our South Florida portfolio occupancy was increased 88% to 98% in 45 days, a total of 47 rentals for the period at the Falls at Marina Bay. Occupancy percentage was increased 90% to 99% at Falls at Pembroke, with a total of 36 applications in 10 days.

Taplin Development

Apartment Lease Up Experts team worked closely with all potential tenants and followed up to make sure their move-in was a success. In addition, they worked well with the management team on probertite are a professional company, well versed on market conditions, competition and marketing opportunities in each location attracting quality tenants to our properties. […]

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